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About Our Practice

The St. Petersburg Skin and Laser team is dedicated to delivering a superior patient experience. We specialize in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology for conditions of the skin, hair and nails in patients of all ages. We also specialize in skin cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. We have invested heavily in the latest technology including various lasers and devices to bring you a state-of-the art Cosmetic Dermatology practice staffed by Board Certified Dermatologists with advanced training in Cosmetic Dermatology. Dr. Kat Kesty and Dr. Kenneth Kesty are the ONLY Fellowship Trained Cosmetic and Laser Surgeons in the Bay Area.

An annual visit that includes a Total Body Skin Cancer Exam is recommended for most people. If you are receiving treatments for skin, hair or nail conditions, or cosmetic/aesthetic treatments, your Board Certified Dermatologist will recommend the appropriate length of time between your visits.

We are available Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Yes! When you make an appointment at St. Petersburg Skin and Laser, every appointment will be with a Board Certified Dermatologist.

Dr. Kat Kesty and Dr. Kenneth Kesty are the ONLY Fellowship Trained Cosmetic and Laser Surgeons in the Bay Area. After completing Dermatology Residency (4 years) and passing the American Board of Dermatology Board Exam, Dr. Kat Kesty spent an extra year of training in the prestigious American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Program. This is a highly competitive fellowship program that pairs top Board Certified Dermatologists with the world’s leading Cosmetic Surgeons. Both Dr. Kat Kesty spent a year training and learning under world-renowned Laser and Cosmetic Surgeons. During their fellowships, they gained experience with the most advanced Cosmetic techniques, including over 100 lasers and devices, as well as extensive filler and neurotoxin experience.

Your First Visit

Our #1 priority is our patients. Our relationship with you is a partnership based on trust. We are committed to delivering the highest-quality dermatology care and to achieving the best possible outcomes. Welcome to our practice!

In addition to your new patient paperwork (if you have not filled it out online), please bring a valid photo ID, insurance card(s), and a list of any prescriptions you are currently taking (including vitamins and supplements, aspirin, blood thinners, and any other over-the-counter medications). Please be sure to include the dosage and frequency of each medication. If you have had any recent tests related to a skin condition (for example a skin biopsy), please bring a copy of your results or have them sent to our office before your appointment.

Cosmetic Services

At St. Petersburg Skin and Laser, we offer many different cosmetic services designed to meet the specific need of each individual. We encourage patients to schedule and appointment for a cosmetic consult so that we can provide you the time and education you deserve to make a decision that is right for you. Achieving your cosmetic goals and attaining a youthful, natural look is the specialty of our Fellowship Trained Board Certified Dermatologists. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Kesty or Dr. Kenneth Kesty and discover how their expertise can help you!

When you laugh, frown, or smile, your muscles create temporary wrinkles in your skin that deepen over time. Neurotoxins are compounds that help relax those muscles leading to a visible smoothening of the skin and a more youthful appearance. Wrinkle relaxers placed by the expert Physicians at St. Petersburg Skin and Laser will deliver subtle results to reveal smoother skin. You will look like yourself- only more youthful and refreshed.

Fillers (or dermal fillers) are gel-like substances used to restore lost volume of the skin. This treatment has gathered popularity in recent years among men and women as it helps create more youthful facial contours. Results can last from six months to five years depending on the type of filler used.

Fillers can be beneficial for anyone who has experienced loss of volume in areas of the face or would like to enhance their natural beauty. Our Board Certified Dermatologists will work with you to develop a complete and customized cosmetic treatment plan including dermal fillers.

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that is used to treat skin conditions by boosting collagen production and delivering ingredients that improve the appearance of your skin. It involves using small needles to penetrate directly into problem areas. The treatment is practically painless and is an excellent method of reducing the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, and signs of aging like lines and wrinkles.

Laser skin resurfacing is the process of using concentrated and directed beams of laser light to rejuvenate the skin. In the hands of a highly trained professional, you can target specific features of your face with precision, removing the damaged layers and allowing the skin to heal in a controlled manner. During this healing process, the new skin is tighter and smoother, giving you a younger appearance. New collagen growth is also stimulated during the healing process, reversing the aging process and revealing a younger look.

For 24-48 hours after the procedure, your skin may appear red and have some swelling. It is safe to wear makeup and sunscreen 24 hours after the procedure. The majority of patients feel comfortable returning to work and their normal daily activities the next day. Following the post-procedure instructions given to you by our office will ensure the best results after your laser procedure. Diligent sunscreen use and sun avoidance for two weeks before and two weeks after your laser treatment is essential.

During a Cosmetic Consultation with Dr. Kesty, you will work together to develop a customized treatment plan to achieve your cosmetic goals that may include one or more lasers and/or devices, wrinkle relaxer, dermal fillers, platelet rich plasma, or one of the 50+ cosmetic procedures that Dr. Kesty performs. Every treatment plan is different and therefore pricing is only able to be given after a Cosmetic Consultation with Dr. Kesty. We are unable to give pricing over the phone because of the wide variety of treatments that Dr. Kesty offers that may be part of your custom cosmetic treatment plan.

Our goal at St.Petersburg Skin and Laser is to make you happy with your decided upon treatment. By having the doctor do an in person evaluation, she is able to tell you how much of any wrinkle relaxer or filler you would need to achieve your goal and that is what your quote will reflect. We realize that some people are price sensitive, but to simply give a price per unit does not tell you how much you would need to achieve your goals. And while some people have had treatments previously and may even know the dose they received, but it does not mean that Dr. Kesty would recommend the same thing. We hope that you can understand the superior service and outcome we want to achieve for our patients and feel this policy is the best way to do that.

During a Cosmetic Consult you will receive a full skin analysis using our state-of-the-art skin analysis machine. Then you and Dr. Kesty will sit down and discuss your cosmetic goals. You will work together to develop a customized treatment plan taking into account your goals, timeline, budget, and other factors.

The Cosmetic Consult fee may be used towards procedures performed on the day of your Cosmetic Consult or towards pre-payment of a future treatment.

Skin Cancer

Yes, for most of the procedures we perform at St. Petersburg Skin and Laser, you will be able to drive after. For Mohs surgery, however, we do suggest that a family member or friend accompany you as the bandage may impair your driving if it is on your face.

An unusual skin growth or a non-healing sore may be the first indications of a non-melanoma skin cancer. Skin cancer may initially appear as a bump, rash or patch on the top layer of the skin. These spots may be raised and may form an ulcer or bleed easily. It is important to know the ABCDEs of Melanoma. A is for Asymmetry: One half of the mole does not match the other half. B is for Border irregularity: The edges are ragged, notched, or blurred. C is for Color that varies from one area to another. D is for Diameter: While melanomas are usually greater than 6mm (the size of a pencil eraser) when diagnosed, they can be smaller. E is for Evolving: A mole or skin lesion that looks different from the rest or is changing in size, shape, or color.

If you notice a mole or skin lesion with one or more of these, call for an appointment with one of our Board Certified Dermatologists.

-Apply a broad-spectrum UVA and UVB-protection sunscreen every day before you leave your house in the morning or before spending time in the sun.

-Use an SPF of 30 or higher.

-Reapply your sunscreen every 80 minutes and after swimming.

-Stay out of the sun as much as possible, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

-Cover up with long-sleeved, light clothes, a broad-brimmed hat and sunglasses with UV protection.

-Avoid sunburns and tanning – including tanning beds – all the time.

- If you see a new or concerning lesion that you think may be skin cancer, call for an appointment with a Board Certified Dermatologist.

There are a number of treatments available for skin cancer, including traditional surgery (excision), scraping, burning, freezing, radiation, topical chemotherapy medications, and Mohs micrographic surgery. If you think you may have skin cancer or have a biopsy-proven skin cancer and would like treatment at St. Petersburg Skin and Laser, please call for an appointment with one of our Board Certified Dermatologists.

Mohs surgery is an advanced, highly-effective treatment for several types of non-melanoma skin cancers. This type of skin cancer surgery offers the highest potential for a cure while minimizing the cosmetic impact of treatment. Our specialized Mohs surgeons remove the skin cancer by taking out one layer of tissue at a time. After each layer is removed, it is examined by the Mohs surgeon under a microscope to determine if the tissue is free of cancer or to precisely map any remaining cancer for further removal. This precise microscopic mapping technique enables the surgeon to remove diseased tissue, and spare as much healthy skin as possible.

Maintaining healthy skin is the key not only to looking and feeling good, but also to maintaining health and essential tasks for your body. Your skin is the barrier that helps protect you from the viruses and bacteria you are exposed to every day, and the sun’s ultraviolet light that can damage cells. Your skin helps your body regulate your temperature, convert sunlight to vitamin D, and allows you to react to environmental changes by feeling hot, cold, pain and pressure.

Partnering in your care with the Board Certified Dermatologists at St. Petersburg Skin and Laser is a great way for you to address any concerns you have about your skin, but also to help you achieve the glow of healthy skin.

Insurance FAQ

By leaving an authorized payment method on file, we can ensure that payment is processed on a timely basis. You will receive notification via email and/or phone/text before we charge anything to your card.

An out-of-network provider is one which has not contracted with your insurance company for reimbursement at a negotiated rate. Health plans generally offer coverage for out-of-network providers, but your patient responsibility can sometimes be higher than it would be if you were seeing an in-network provider. We encourage all of our patients to contact your insurance company prior to your visit such that you fully understand your insurance policy as it pertains to out of network care.

While we ask for payment in full at the time of service, we will provide you with a copy of your bill to submit to your insurance company for direct reimbursement to you. Contact information for your insurance provider may be found on your insurance card.

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